PROGUARD Advantage Helmet – Ratchet System Webbing Harness

  • ABS vented shell.
  • Unique airflow vent minimizes heat buildup.
  • 8 point moulded shock absorbing suspension system.
  • Can be fitted with various Proguard harness and locking system.
  • Lateral slots on sides allow fitting of various Proguard accessories.



Comply with MS 183, ANSI Z89.1, EN397, & AS/NZS 1801 Type 1.

The SIRIM approved Proguard Safety Helmet has an ABS shell that is fastened with a Ratchet System Webbing Harness. This easy to use locking system keeps the helmet on securely and is adjustable too. The helmet meets safety requirements set and approved by SIRIM and is designed with an 8 point molded shock absorbing system. Protect your head from impact especially on construction sites.

Proguard Advantage – Ratchet System Webbing Harness
Ratchet System Webbing Harness