PROGUARD Advantage 1 Helmet – Slide Lock

The SIRIM approved Proguard Safety Helmet has an ABS shell that is fastened with a unique slide-lock. This easy to use locking system keeps the helmet on securely and is adjustable too. The helmet meets safety requirements set and approved by SIRIM and is designed with an 8 point molded shock absorbing system. Protect your head from impact especially on construction sites.

Proguard Advantage 1 – Slide Lock Industrial Safety Helmet..
Model HG1-PHSL
Plastic Harness / Slide Lock

  • ABS shell.
  • 8 point moulded shock absorbing system.
  • Can be fitted with various Proguard harness and locking system.
  • Lateral slots on sides allow fitting of various Proguard accessories.
  • Comes in White(HG1-PHSL-W) ,Yellow(HG1-PHSL-Y), Red(HG1-PHSL-R), Orange(HG1-PHSL-O), Blue(HG1-PHSL-B), Brown(HG1-PHSL-BROWN) or Grey (HG1-PHSL-G).

Comply with MS 183, ANSI Z89.1

SIRIM approved, ABS hard shell Strap with slide lock