Portwest PW65 – BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet

● Auto-darkening, switches from light to dark when the welding process
● Solar cell power with two built-in lithium back-up batteries and a
working time of over 5000 hours
● Superior optical quality LCD filter
● Wheel ratchet size adjustment for easy fitting
● Suitable to be worn with disposable respirators
● Suitable for a wide range of applications
● CE certified
● UKCA marked
● Retail box which aids presentation for retail sales

Product information
Auto-darkening welding helmet, which switches from a light to dark state
when welding activity starts. Light state is DIN 4; Dark state is adjustable
from DIN 9 to DIN 13 using the external knob. Response time from light to
dark state is 0.04 milliseconds; return from dark to clear state in 0.03-0.04
sec. Power is supplied by solar cells with 2 built-in lithium batteries to offer
power back-up for longer service life. No need for replacement batteries.
Head Protection
Portwest’s head protection range aims to benefit our customers by
combining the most up to date styles and standards in head protection,
irrespective of job or location. Innovative, comfortable and lightweight
helmets available for multiple uses.
Portwest Head PPE range applies the latest standards to deliver the highest
level of protection. Comfortable and lightweight, the PPE range will ensure
a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use. Your safety is our mission.