Guardzer 4 Drums Spill Pallet

Guardzer chemical spill pallet can hold spilled fluids, which helps store andtransship oil drums, chemical barrels and other containers for spill prevention and control.


Brand: Guardzer
Product Type: Chemical Spill Pallet
Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 30 CM
Spill Capacity: 250 L
Material: HDPE
Loading Capacity: Static 3000KGS Dynamic 1500 KGS
Tare Weight: 36 KG 5%


1. To prevent environmental pollution and, more importantly, ensure personal safety, it is especially
suitable for storing and packaging corrosive chemicals in raw material warehouses and temporary
chemical storage facilities. A spill pallet is designed to capture any liquid overflows.
2. Reduce the risk of slipping and prevent potentially fatal accident.
3. Save space and transportation cost.


1. High capacity for containing spilled or leaked chemicals, including acids, solvents, and corrosive,
making it effective for storing
2. Secure in transporting oil drums, chemical barrels, and other containers required for spill prevention
and management.