3M™ SecureFit™ Hard Hat H-701SFV-UV, White (Vented), 4-Point Pressure Diffusion Ratchet Suspension, with UVicator

  • Suspension system incorporates exclusive patented SecureFit™ Pressure Diffusion Technology.
  • Comfort pad on back of suspension is designed to distribute force and increase ease of wear.
  • Compatible with cap-attached 3M hearing protection and communication products, a variety of 3M faceshields and other accessories.
  • Customize your fit with multiple levels of height and head-shape adjustments.
  • Premium washable and replaceable sweatband with moisture-wicking material is designed to help keep workers cool and dry.
  • UVicator™ sensor lets wearers know when to replace hard hat due to UV exposure

The 3M™ SecureFit™ H-Series Hard Hats with Pressure Diffusion Technology are designed to self-adjust to the wearer as the ratchet is tightened. This helps create a personalized fit and reduces the pressure on the forehead up to 30% compared to current 3M H-series hard hat suspensions. The smooth, easy turning ratchet suspension sits lows on the head to increase security and reduce pressure, helping to make the SecureFit™ H-Series a comfortable and stable hard hat option. Choose from cap or full brim style in a gloss finish.

The 3M™ SecureFit™ H-Series Hard Hats provides 3M innovation in comfort while maintaining the traditional cap and full brim design that many prefer. If you wear a hard hat for a full shift, you want it to be comfortable and fit properly. 3M recognizes this and has responded by designing a suspension system that self-adjusts to the wearer as the ratchet is tightened. Chosen 9 times out of 10 over current conventional hard hats*, this suspension system flexes and self-adjusts to the size of the wearer’s head, reducing forehead pressure and increasing comfort for all-day wear. Footnote: **End-user survey conducted by 3M, November 2020 – March 2021. Participants were allowed to keep the new 3M hard hat.


Available in a variety of popular colors:

  • Yellow (H-702SFV-UV)
  • Blue (H-703SFV-UV)
  • Green (H-704SFV-UV)
  • Red (H-705SFV-UV)\
  • Orange (H-706SFV-UV)
  • Hi-Vis Orange (H-707SFV-UV)
  • Grey (H-708SFV-UV)
  • Hi-Vis Yellow (H-709SFV-UV)
  • Navy (H-710SFV-UV)
  • Tan (H-711SFV-UV)
  • Black (H-712SFV-UV)
  • Pink (H-713SFV-UV)